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Xpress World Finance is a global finance company in the business of helping its numerous customers save money through low rate auto, mortgage loans and more, we also provide BG, SBLC, MTN and LC, specifically for lease/purchase. We pride Ourselves in being one of the leading financial services provider in the market today and that is due, read more...

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Auto 2.50% Calculator Apply
Mortgage 4.395% Calculator Apply
Personal 3.00% Calculator Apply
Home Equity 4.19% Calculator Apply
Business 5.20% Calculator Apply
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Get your Bank Instruments - BG, SBLC, LC and MTN issued by top AAA rated Banks, cash backed at a standard rate for lease (6+2%) and purchase (38+2%) from Xpress. Why wait? learn more...

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I have been a customer for as long as I can remember and they have never disappointed me.

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I never thought securing a Mortgage Loan could be this easy until I joined Xpress through the recommendation of a friend. I am happy I did.

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With Xpress, I am never late on bill payment. Its like I have a savings stashed somewhere that i can turn to when in need.

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Ever since I joined Xpress, my financial life has seen an upturn in fortune.

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